Haute Couture

Tip-Toeing Around The Origin

‘I saw a lot of Haute Couture all my childhood, and without knowing it, I’ve learned from when I was a child to recognize beautiful fabrics.’

ā€” Ines de La Fressange

Haute Couture:

When we say Haute Couture, the picture that revolves in front is the beautiful fabrics with equally mesmerizing appliques, embellishments and a complicated hand made outfit. Sometimes clearlky unconventional to wear! But, what makes Haute Couture the most important work variation in the dressmaking industry? Let’s go walking about a few origin facts…

Brassai- Haute Couture Soiree- 1935 (Source- https://onlyoldphotography.tumblr.com )

The entire concept of ‘High Dressmaking’ (Haute Couture – French translation) started in 17th Century by Rose Bertin, a personal designer to the Queen Marie Antoinette of France. But the real attention to the French Fashion Industry was brought in by Charles Fredrick Worth in 17th Century, when he created a fashion house for Couture.

Charles Fredrick Worth – Father Of Haute Couture

The Process:

The making of a Couture garment starts from the scratch. It takes immense detailing and client wishing for fabric selection till the final embellishment of a garment. It also includes the hand crafting, stitching and fitting of the garment. As it is made-to-order, the outfit is not repeated and the pricing is never considered relevant.

Pierre Balmain adjusting gown for Ruth Ford- 1947

The Couturiers:

Following the footsteps of the Fredrick, several house have come out and have placed their wonderful signature style across the world. Some of the bright names are Patau, Poiret, Vionnet, Fotuny, Lanvin, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent & Dior.

25th April 1950: Fashion couturier Christian Dior (1905 – 1957), designer of the ‘New Look’ and the ‘A-line’, with six of his models after a fashion parade at the Savoy Hotel, London. (Photo by Fred Ramage/Keystone/Getty Images)
Coco Chanel (https://www.marieclaire.co.uk/fashion/coco-chanel-s-25-snappiest-quotes-54026)
Paul Poiret ( https://www.heroine.com/the-editorial/poiret-masterclass )
Elsa Schiaparelli ( https://fromthebygone.wordpress.com/2013/12/26/elsa-schiaparelli-mad-original-fashion-designer/ )

These iconic designers have paved a path for every modern designer and Couturier to make a mark and leave the world of Haute Couture in an awe!

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