The Magic of Thread On Fabric


In every couture workmanship, the signature is all given down by a tedious thread and a needle’s rhythmic task. The entire world of couture lays rested on the unique rendering of the fabric with a variety of embellishments.

Source: Pinterest

The Basic Planning:

Before any outfit is out and worn, a basic plan is always the start up point. The seamstress will always be planning out on a grafting sheet the basic outline of the garment and try to align it on the body form. Perfect shaping and fabric molding is taken under consideration as the boning shows the exact fabric cuts and turns.



Later, using the Basting stitch and pins, the main fabric is attached to the body form. Silhouette is checked with the illustration and is given the markings for the stitch lines. This helps in the clearance of the stitching lines, gathers, ruffles and also layers.



The entire ensemble is taken up to the sewing machine and is laid down to get stitched with lining, boning and all layers included. A couture gown not being a simple outfit is always a work of craftsmanship. And before the top most layer is attached the entire hand work is done according to the theme of the collection. Multiple layers are added at the end to give it a definitive look as per the Couture standards.


Fittings is a very important stage in any couture house. As a garment made in couture house is custom made product and it made according to the given person’s size. And because it is made completely by hand, the piece made is never repeated again.


Whilst the fitting is completed the Edging is taken down. The edges of a couture garment need the finishing and proper alignment as it is a one of a kind piece. It takes immense amount of time, fabric and patience to complete one grand piece.

The Grand Piece:

Once the piece is ready it is all set to go on a ramp or the red carpet occasion. Every Couture house signs up for its own signature and style. And with great effort the image is maintained among the peers and competitors.

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